Astrology and Love

Astrology and Love is a free and innovative relationship application that has hundreds of personality types and thousands of love matchings.

Your daily horoscope is free and helps you to better deal with everyday situations. You can also read the horoscopes of your friends and family.

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About Astrology and Love

With Astrology and Love, you no longer have to keep trying to understand complex and full of astrological terms.

Using artificial intelligence capabilities on a reliable and responsive platform, Astrology and Love allows you to do it for free:

- You understand yourself more deeply

- See your strongest compatibilities in love and find your perfect match

- Know better who you love

- Discover the most difficult people to relate to

- Check your compatibility with your friends and family

- Learn how to relate to the people in your work

The texts are presented in clear and direct language, highlighting the positive and negative points and giving tips on how to deal with each person through:

- Personalized sign for the day of birth

- Astrological type

- Tips on love

- Text about compatibility

- Indexes of communication, affectivity, sexual and at work compatibility

Astrology and Love will help you find out if your crush can really be a perfect match and understand your friendships better.

Whether it's dating, searching for your soul mate, parenting or any other kind of relationship, you'll find a powerful Astrology & Love counselor.

You will be able to register as many people as you want in your Relationship List, which will show the sign, the degree of compatibility and the type of relationship with them.

See also the Oracles of Astrology and Love, which are a source of guidance and wisdom:

- The Seer of Love

- Tarot of Destiny

- Proverbs

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